Reliable and modern equipment simplifies the everyday life of the Käppala Foundation


The Käppala Association treats wastewater from over 500,000 inhabitants in eleven municipalities located north and east of Stockholm. The treatment is carried out at The Käppala Association, located at Lidingö, just outside Stockholm. By utilising the nutrients and energy contained in the wastewater, it is possible to return sludge, bio-gas and heat to society’s natural cycle.

Here is what Conny Nylund, their CIO, based in Stockholm has to say about sustainable IT, circular economy and the challenges of digitalization.

What challenges did The Käppala Association face?

As our plant is in operation 365 days a year, we must be able to rely on our equipment and know that it always work properly. When I started my work here, the equipment and machinery were outdated, and our personnel could not rely on it fully. We needed to modernise our equipment and to provide our employees the opportunity to work smarter and more efficiently.

What made you decide to finance your IT equipment through 3 Step IT?

We see IT equipment as important support tools but see no reason to own the equipment. In the long run, ownership entails hidden costs such as administration and maintenance. A finance solution makes it easy for us to budget the costs

What characterises your collaboration with 3 Step IT?

Above all, it is the simplicity and the way returns are managed. When 3 Step IT manages our old IT equipment, they handle everything from data erasure to resale or reuse of the equipment. We have full and documented control thanks to Asset NG, the asset management tool that simplifies our administration. The overall process gives our users a sense of security and flexibility.

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