IT life cycle approach gives Lernia a head start

According to blue-collar, Lernia is the number one Staffing Agency in Sweden with 150 offices in 100 cities. In addition to being a major educational company, they are also problem solvers in the labor market where they shorten and simplify the way to work. They respond rapidly to changing industrial skill requirements, which helps to differentiate their business and has lead an enviable growth record. In turn, this makes big demands of their IT logistics: faultless service is crucial.

Here is what Sebastian Lindström, their CIO, based in central Stockholm has to say about sustainable IT and the challenges of digitalization.

‘It’s very straight forward: If IT devices don’t arrive as planned, we lose business. Today, we have built a simple system for IT returns: the user sets up a return in the IT portal with just a few clicks. Then 3 Step IT dispatches a new computer and the old computer is returned in the same pre-paid box”

A focus on users

Lernia needs to provide its employees with reliable IT devices, these can be desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets. It increases productivity at all stages. With appropriate modern equipment, employees can work flexibly, responsively, wherever they are, at any time.

The reliable refresh process that 3 Step IT provides Lernia saves users time and helps to improve productivity. Sebastian highlights one particular aspect of the service: ‘When the new device arrives, it’s already configured and ready to use immediately. This is an important detail, and a key part of the service that 3 Step IT gives us.’

The benefits of financing

Lernia sees a variety of advantages in financing IT devices. They need a standardised stock of hardware equipment with an agreed life cycle. Financing helps them to plan and manage IT equipment refresh. Sebastian knows it makes his job easier: ‘We constantly replace older hardware with new, to provide great service to our users. Financing means that there’s never a cash crisis, and budget planning becomes routine’  

Sustainable solutions for a better future

Sustainability is a growing concern for companies and organizations. The life cycle approach shows very clearly how the IT department can play its part in the circular economy. The sustainable way that Lernia manages IT equipment saves costs and the environment.

Swedish organisations have always had raised environmental sensitivities. Now with new taxes on waste, there’s a business advantage in reducing operations’ environmental impact. From Sebastian’s perspective, ‘Sustainability and the environment have always been important topics for us at Lernia. Working with partners who prioritise these issues, and who can demonstrate the effects of working more sustainably, is one of our top priorities’.

Like so many others, Lernia are grappling with digitalisation. It’s hard to say how it will affect their business in the long term since there are many choices in the complex digital jungle. Modern equipment allows greater choice when they deliver digital innovations which should help Lernia preserve its competitive edge. The future looks bright and green, thanks to Lernia’s way of deploying technology.

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